THERMOMASS insulated concrete sandwich panels, available from Composite Global Solutions , are similar in appearance to solid precast concrete panels, however they differ greatly on the inside.

THERMOMASS insulated concrete sandwich panels are comprised of three layers: an outer layer of concrete, a layer of XPS (extruded polystyrene) insulation and an internal layer of concrete. All three layers are held together using Composite Global Solutions patented fibre composite connectors, which are non-corrosive and possess low thermal conductivity.

THERMOMASS insulated concrete sandwich panels provide reduction in energy usage for both heating and cooling and in some climate zones may eliminate the need for air-conditioning and heating all together.

The thermal insulating properties of a THERMOMASS insulated concrete sandwich panel make them ideal for all building applications. With the combination of XPS and fibre composite connectors as the insulation layer, THERMOMASS panels protect the interior of the building from the outside temperature fluctuation. This results in the minimisation of fluctuating internal temperatures, thus enabling a long-term reduction in running costs associated with heating and cooling.

Government environmental energy controls have been tightened in recent years, resulting in the requirement for increased R-values in the Building Code of Australia (BCA). Composite Global Solutions are pleased to announce they now have a compliant and economical solution available with their THERMOMASS Building Insulation System.

Sandwich panels can be used for both external and internal walls, do not need internal lining, and can have a variety of finishes. THERMOMASS insulated sandwich panels offer premium insulating properties and design flexibility, which enables the designer to achieve the specified R-value for each climate zone without compromise to design, shape, finish or colour.

Benefits of the THERMOMASS insulated concrete sandwich panels include:

  • energy efficiency
  • fire resistance
  • durability
  • versatility
  • strength; and
  • security.
THERMOMASS insulated concrete sandwich panels require minimal maintenance and are erected quickly with completion of the internal and external wall in one process. THERMOMASS panels are also fully fire tested giving the owner/occupier complete peace of mind.