Insulation is a substance that resists the transfer of heat or cold through it, and in building construction insulation is used to allow the internal temperature to remain constant, regardless of external temperature changes.

This is significantly enhanced through the thermal inertia delivered by the Thermomass building insulation systems available from Composite Global Solutions .

Thermomass concrete insulation systems help to reduce heating and cooling costs, meaning buildings are more ecologically friendly, as less environmental resources are being consumed.

Thermomass building insulation systems combine with the structural integrity of concrete to offer a safe, highly energy efficient concrete panel insulation system.

Fiber-reinforced composite connectors can be used with Thermomass building insulation systems. The connectors provide an alternative to cast-in-place steel anchors and are non-corrosive, chemically resistant and have low thermal conductivity combined with structural strength.

Dow brand closed cell Styrofoam extruded polystyrene insulation used with Thermomass building insulation systems resists all forms of water penetration including water vapour transmission. Styrofoam has high thermal resistance and high compressive strength.

Thermomass building insulation systems offer consistent thermal control, impedes mould growth and is highly durable and can contribute to the achievement of Green Star credit points.

The Thermomass composite concrete/styrofoam/concrete walls feature the insulating qualities of concrete that is more than 1 metre thick.