Available from Composite Global Solutions , THERMOMASS is much more than just insulation. Buildings using THERMOMASS building insulation systems are sustainable, energy efficient, durable and environmentally responsible. THERMOMASS building insulation system can help to meet the increase in the R-Value of insulation provided in BCA Section J 2010.

By using energy-efficient sustainable building design technologies a building, energy consumption can be reduced and bills cut by up to 80%.

Buildings constructed with conventional insulation systems can suffer from heat transfer, where energy is lost, meaning heating and air conditioning systems need to work harder to maintain the desired temperature.

Heat transfer is eliminated with THERMOMASS building insulation system as it keeps the warm air in and the cold air out in the winter, while during summer months keeps the warm air out and the cool air in.

The energy efficiency of the finished building combined with the ease and speed of construction has made Composite Global Solutions’ building system a popular choice of concrete sandwich wall construction.

THERMOMASS building insulation system dampens the effect of temperature change on heating and cooling of a concrete wall with zero thermal bridging and no energy loss.
THERMOMASS insulated wall panels provide a safe, secure, and quiet environment that can withstand extreme weather conditions including high winds, earthquakes, hurricanes and fires.

The composite concrete/styrofoam/concrete sandwich wall has the insulating qualities of concrete that more than one metre thick. The inner concrete wall is shielded and insulated from the outside world by the Styrofoam core in the concrete wall making the building environmentally friendly and highly energy efficient.