For over 20 years, THERMOMASS has been a useful system for concrete sandwich wall construction and has been used on over 100,000,000-sq.ft. of sandwich walls in the US and around the world.

The energy efficiency of the finished building combined with the ease and speed of construction has made Composite Global Solutions’ building system the preference of industries ranging from education and correctional facilities to freezers, coolers, distribution centres and retail facilities.

Energy efficiency

  • Energy Star Partner
  • Consistent thermal control
  • Higher R-values due to Mass Effect
  • Reduces HVAC loads
  • Eliminates moisture condensation and frost build-up in freezers
  • Impedes mould growth
  • Interior space comfort - no cold spots
  • Reduces energy bills by as much as 50%
  • Continuous fibre composite connectors
  • Third Party Testing
  • Traceable Third Party Quality Control

Dow insulation

A variety of options to choose from depending on climate, location and building needs and requirements:

  • High R-value for energy efficiency
  • Tested in accordance with ASTM C578
  • Lowest water absorption possible, impedes mould
  • High compressive strengths


Sandwich panels can be load bearing or non-load bearing. Load-bearing panels eliminate the use of perimeter structural steel frame and protection curbing. Non-load bearing panels are used as cladding panels, which are attached to a steel structure.

  • Reduces HVAC System Construction Cost
  • Fewer Construction Trades
  • Fast-Track Construction = Quicker Turn-Key

Aesthetic variety

The THERMOMASS building system offers finishes ranging from natural concrete, paint, sandblasting, exposed aggregate, as well as cast in brick veneer, rustications and reveals.

Composite Global Solutions’ building system has been used in scores of buildings that have received numerous design awards.

  • Investment value
  • Longer building life
  • Lowers building maintenance costs
  • Fire and theft resistance lowers insurance costs
  • Continued ROI and energy cost savings throughout the life of the building
  • Healthy Building
  • Impedes mould growth

Low maintenance

  • Withstands forklift and truck damage
  • Resists insects and vermin
  • Easily cleaned
  • Maximum Security Advantage

System fabrication

Drawings are sent directly from CAD to CNC to assure there are no breaches in the insulation envelope by providing a precision fit and taking the guesswork out of foam and connector placement. This process dramatically reduces the cost of installation.