At the forefront of innovation in the concrete industry, Composite Global Solutions is actively involved in the growing shift towards precast modular construction for large scale, low cost commercial projects. 

The company will now supply the THERMOMASS precast concrete insulation system to RW Australia Pty Ltd to be used in the construction of their modular precast units. Precast construction concepts have really taken off in South-East Asia with modular precast construction at the forefront of the tendering process for the Singaporean Government’s 200,000 housing units by 2020 initiative, and leading the charge is RW Australia.

RW Australia is the Australian subsidiary of RotondoWeirich Enterprises (RWE), the original pioneers of modular precast concrete construction. RWE have been implementing their modular construction method within the USA for the last 25 years in conjunction with the THERMOMASS sandwich panel insulation system. 

THERMOMASS can help any commercial or residential project achieve a thermally stable environment with significantly reduced running costs.

The THERMOMASS sandwich panel insulation system allows five sides of a concrete housing unit to be formed in a single mould with only one pour required. Once cured, the units can be completely fitted out before being transported to site and then stacked, much like Lego bricks, using tracked gantry cranes. After locking in place, units need only to be connected to utilities before residents are effectively able to move in.

The Singaporean government housing initiative is driven by Productivity, Efficiency and Durability, all effectively met by RW Australia’s modular precast technology. When combined with a THERMOMASS insulated façade, RW Australia’s modular precast construction allows for a low-cost, high-volume, incredibly energy efficient housing solution, with a construction time that is typically halved compared to traditional construction methods.