Onduline was originally developed in Europe more than 45 years ago and is now used extensively in agricultural, light industrial and domestic applications in over 72 countries.  

Supplied by Composite Global Solutions , Onduline is a lightweight, hardwearing corrugated roofing and wall cladding material made from organic fibres saturated with bitumen under high pressure and heat.

Onduline is a flexible, economical solution that can be easily fixed with saw and hammer. Onduline provides a high level of thermal insulation, even in extreme conditions.  

Onduline is rustproof, frostproof, rot and fungi resistant, resistant to most chemicals, impact resistant, and requires little maintenance. Onduline is easy to handle, poses no health risk and has sound absorbance values.

The Onduline PP (pre-pigmented) range is produced using a special process designed to withstand the Australian sun, however, due to the extreme strength of UV rays, fading will occur over time. Onduline should be painted to retain aesthetics where colour is to be maintained. Onduline is available in four natural pigmented colours.  

Fasteners: galvanised and stainless steel nails are available in Onduline sheet colours  

Ridge Units: 900mm (2ft 11in) long and 180mm (7in) wide. Ridge units are manufactured to the same high quality as Onduline sheets and their flexible double wings make them suitable for use in a range of angular variations.  

Eaves Fillers: available in Onduline profile to ensure weather tightness under the ridging and eaves.