The durability, compressive strength, thermal performance and fire resistance of THERMOMASS Building Insulation System assist in making it a more sustainable insulation choice. THERMOMASS Building Insulation Systems are available from Composite Global Solutions .

Energy-efficient buildings have the potential to substantially and permanently reduce the amount of energy consumed. All new buildings should include sustainable building principles to help reduce the impact of the building on the natural environment. Buildings should be designed to maximise energy efficiency and durability.

Sustainable design seeks to incorporate passive, energy-conserving strategies responsive to the local climate and avoid the use of energy intensive, environmentally damaging materials. A simple and cost-effective alternative to using expensive and polluting fossil fuels to heat and cool a building is to design it using insulated concrete panels that use THERMOMASS Building Insulation System.

Insulation is important for increasing comfort to a building by stabilising internal temperature and reducing noise transmission. To achieve a concrete building that actually performs at the level required, the insulation requirements of the building envelope will need to be considered. THERMOMASS concrete insulation ensures energy efficient and profitable insulated building envelopes.

THERMOMASS buildings can be quickly constructed due to the walls being built and insulated in one operation, ensuring projects are completed on-time.

THERMOMASS Building Insulation Systems can be used for virtually any concrete building project from homes to stadiums and tilt-up to precast.