Goldfoam from Composite Global Solutions is a high performance, CFC-free, extruded polystyrene rigid foam board used in building construction for thermal insulation of roofs, walls and floors.

Goldfoam from Composite Global Solutions is equally suitable for insulating a new construction or upgrading existing buildings in an environmentally friendly and energy efficient manner. Goldfoam can be aptly incorporated into: 

  • Flat and pitched roofs
  • Roof gardens
  • Car park decks and soffits
  • Cold stores and warehouses
  • Cavity walls

Engineered to offer maximum resistance to water and moisture penetration, Goldfoam sustains long term performance without diminishing thermal efficiency due to the effects of localised moisture.

Goldfoam is light weight for easy handling and can be easily shaped with a knife or a saw. With a high compressive strength it is a viable option as insulation under concrete floors and other trafficable areas in construction. Additional Goldfoam contains fire-retardant additives to inhibit accidental ignition from a small scale fire.
Goldfoam, when used in an “Inverted Roof” design, gives supplementary protection to the waterproofing membrane from mechanical wear and tear during construction as well as from ‘thermal shock’, thus prolonging the life expectancy of the waterproofing membrane.