Composite Global Solutions supplies Colex insulation products for application in refrigeration systems. It is widely used in cryogenic lines and tanks, chilled or hot water lines, ammonia or Freon lines, liquid nitrogen lines and liquid natural gas lines.

Colex insulating products supplied by Composite Global Solutions are flexible, have high impact resistance and chemical resistance and its high thermal insulation is suitable in a wide range of operating temperatures. Colex is made from chemically bonded polyethylene foam which is used for insulation in refrigeration systems.

Goldfoam, supplied by Composite Global Solutions, is used in building construction, walls and floors and thermal insulation of roofs. It is also suitable for insulating existing buildings or new constructions effectively. Goldfoam is currently used for cavity walls, flat and pitched roofs, roof gardens, cold stores and warehouses and car park decks.

Goldfoam provides effective thermal insulation in buildings. Its closed cell structure gives maximum resistance to water and moisture penetration. It is lightweight and easy to install.