Two products from the Composite Global Solutions range have had a successful run in 2012 with their installation in several prestigious projects.

These products include the THERMOMASS insulation system for concrete sandwich panels and the Composite Global range of rigid insulation boards to suit Section J requirements. 

The Durasheath-3, introduced in 2012 is a durable and aesthetically superior option for under-soffit areas. Featuring a glass polymer face, Durasheath resists damage on site and provides a clean and tidy finish that looks like concrete. Thermasheath-3, also a popular choice for under-soffits thanks to its superior thermal performance and competitive pricing, was installed in major projects including the Emporium development in Melbourne and Central Park in Sydney. 

THERMOMASS continued to be a winner for concrete construction for projects as diverse as two major prisons as well as the Port Lincoln Airport redevelopment. The insulation system will also be used in several high profile projects in early 2013.

THERMOMASS offers a thermally superior, high thermal mass building insulation system that will continue to pay dividends for decades to come.