There are various furniture packages provided by Complete Pad - Furniture Packages which suit to every type and class of customers. These packages are available in different budgets, styles and design so that customers can choose furniture package of their choice. The different packages include metro furniture package, domus furniture package, verve furniture package, largo furniture package, Milan furniture package and set up equipment package.

There is different quality and feature of each package that is offered by Complete Pad - Furniture Packages. Like metro furniture package is light coloured simple furniture which suits apartments which requires simple and light coloured furniture. Domus furniture package suits mostly to modern apartments. Made up of chocolate timbers together with chrome details, the Domus furniture package gives a tailored and sophisticated look.

The Verve furniture package from Complete Pad - Furniture Packages, is suitable for both traditional as well as modern homes. This package includes in it the softness of lovely curves as well as the warmth of walnut timber. Largo furniture package has a co-ordinated and warm look which makes it a stylish and comfortable scheme. Solid construction and beech timber veneer provide this package the benefits of longevity and simplicity. Similarly there are other furniture packages that provide different styles and benefits to the users and a customer can choose any of these packages based on his choice, need and budget.