Stainless steel toilet cubicles from Compact Group Pty Ltd are designed for installation in public spaces, offering advantages such as durability, hygiene, privacy, aesthetic value and environment-friendliness.

Featuring a gleaming modern appearance, the stainless steel toilet cubicles maximise privacy by completely eliminating all sightline gaps around the door with the ‘No Sightline Solution’. 

The stainless steel toilet cubicles incorporate a recycled content of more than 75% post-consumer materials, making them an excellent environment-friendly choice. Also Class A fire resistant, the toilet cubicles don't give off toxic smoke when exposed to heat or flame. 

Key features of stainless steel toilet cubicles:

  • Ideal for public spaces
  • ‘No Sightline Solution’ eliminates sightline gaps on the door
  • Inherent corrosion and impact resistance
  • Contains 75% post-consumer materials
  • Class A fire resistance
  • Does not emit toxic smoke when exposed to heat or flame