Commando Storage Systems  is based in Victoria, and is specialised in the design and manufacture of storage systems for use in industries, warehouses and offices. Commando Storage Systems offers a range of products and services to its clients, in order to provide them with the best solutions for their storage requirements.

Commando Storage Systems is an authorised supplier of storage systems to the Federal and state governments and private establishments. Commando Storage Systems offers to design, manufacture and install new systems or even to modify or relocate existing ones.

The consultants in Commando Storage Systems analyse the requirements of its clients and advice them on ways to benefit from the products offered by Commando Storage Systems. This service is a complementary offer from Commando Storage Systems. Further, Commando Storage Systems offers products and in house installation and relocation teams in clients’ premises, in order to obtain the most economical and functional solutions for its clients. Commando Storage Systems encourages its clients to consider the features and functions of its product range, while analysing their options, in order to make optimum use of the products and services offered by Commando Storage Systems.