Commando Storage Systems  supplies a range of products, from mobile storage systems to cupboards and cabinets in order to provide a total storage solution to the storage and shelving requirements of its clients.

The different kinds of shelving products supplied by Commando Storage Systems include rolled upright type shelving, general purpose shelving and the medi basket. The rolled upright and the general purpose shelving come in different sizes, with steel frame and with adjustable shelves, while the medi basket consists of a basket type fitting within the rolled upright shelves, which can be pulled out for ease of access. The medi basket is commonly used in hospitals for storage of supplies.

Commando Storage Systems also supplies an open long span shelving system called the ‘Metalsistem Long Span’.

A new product in this category is the ‘Ezi-Glide’ mobile storage system, which is adjustable, modular and can be fitted with a mechanically assisted drive option.

A comprehensive range of high quality cupboards and cabinets is also supplied by Commando Storage Systems. These products are of Australian make, come in a choice of shades in powder coated finishes, with a five year warranty. These cupboards and cabinets from Commando Storage Systems incorporate a fully welded type of construction and come with retractable doors.