Floor heating systems specialist Comfort Heat Australia presents a highly intelligent solution to heat up homes and offices from the floor up with the in-screed cable. Comfort Heat offers a range of electric floor heating systems designed to create an even, ambient thermal environment with assured energy efficiency.

The in-screed cable, Comfort Heat’s most popular heating cable, is very versatile in application. Though mainly used in bathrooms, its flexibility allows for a variety of installations including on staircases or wrapped around round rooms. As the name suggests, this cable requires a top layer of sand and cement at least 20mm in depth to be installed correctly.

In-screed underfloor heating cables deliver a fast response time, reaching their set temperatures in less than two hours depending on the thickness of the screed. Another advantage is that in-screed cables are twin conducting cables, which means they don’t need the end to meet the start to complete the circuit, unlike most electric cables. This makes it much easier to install, especially in small areas such as bathrooms.

The electric in-screed cable has a heat output of 175W per square metre @ 100mm spacing or 225W per square metre @ 75mm spacing. Hydronic in-screed heating has a heat output of 100-120W per square metre in comparison.

Homeowners considering a complete bathroom renovation can install electric in-screed cables under the tiles; in addition to warm tiles greeting them on cold mornings, they can also save money on heating costs with the energy efficient heating system. Since the cables are installed in cement screed beneath the tiles or finished floor surfaces, they are great for use in wet areas.

Image: In-screed heating cables installed on a stairway