The MICROTEMP range of electronic thermostats, available from Comfort Heat Australia , is specifically designed for electric under floor heating systems.

The MICROTEMP thermostats are flush mounted and have a two-pole isolator with 16A output relay.

Standard Thermostat Type - MTC
The Standard thermostat has adjustable control with floor sensor. This thermostat allows the user to maintain a constant temperature with the On/Off switch.

Programmable Thermostat Type - MCC
It is a digital 7day / 4 event programmable thermostat. This thermostat allows the user to programme On/Off times and temperature, with a range of setback functions.

Home Automation Thermostat - ETN
Home Automation compatible with setback functions. The thermostats can be installed in central switchboard.

All thermostats include a floor sensor, which will maintain a consistent temperature. Floor sensing thermostats are safe and energy efficient controls, ensuring the floor is not overheated, but kept at the desired temperature.