Operable glass louvre windows, available from Colt Tollfab , can be installed into the facade of modern commercial buildings to provide natural ventilation, night time purging and occasionally even smoke control ventilation, depending on its manufacture.

The new Building Code of Australia 2010 has been in effect from 1 May and Section J provides design guidance on energy efficiency. Demands on thermal glazing properties (i.e. U Values) are tougher in this new guide. Single glazed windows, typically with a U Value of around 6.0 W/m2k, will no longer be accepted and will need to be substituted with double glazed windows with much lower U Values of around 3.5 W/m2K or less.

Thermally broken frames can also help to reduce heat transfer and condensation issues and are a priority consideration for any new window system.

Coltlite operable glass louvre windows are motorised or manually controlled operable windows that are suitable for installation into the vertical facade for natural ventilation and smoke control ventilation (tested to EN12101-2).

These operable glass louvres have optional thermally broken outer frames, thermally broken louvre frames and double glazed louvres with U Values from just 2.3W/m2/k for the complete unit. In order to comply with the new Section J of the BCA regulations air tightness, water resistance and aerodynamic efficiency are now key considerations.

Natural ventilation is an energy-efficient way to reduce the effects of excessive temperatures and lowers the energy loads within a building. Natural ventilation should be an important consideration for any building designer.