The recent 22% increase in the cost of electricity may have been reflected in the most recent energy bills received by many. This upward trend in pricing is set to continue, with finite resources and carbon trading programs on the horizon.

With this in mind it pays to invest in an efficient on-demand floor heating system in the long term, according to Speedheat Floor Heating Australia .

Speedheat floor heating systems consume about three quarters that of an air conditioning unit and about 20% less than an in-screed type element. Speedheat floor heating systems will act as the sole heating system necessary for a specific area, presuming that heat losses are controlled with doors and windows shut.

Radiant floor heating systems are more energy efficient for heating larger rooms and the tile-glue cable uses less energy to produce the same amount of heat and floor temperature as an in-screed cable.

Economy of in-glue floor heating systems is increased due to the quick response and individual area control enables the user to switch unoccupied rooms off.