Cocoon Coatings  provides waterproof membranes and sprayable membranes. The waterproof membranes from Cocoon Coatings are made from vinyl materials and it seals, protects and water proofs. This waterproof membrane was developed by the US army to provide flexible and joint less paint for mothballing planes and ships. Waterproof membranes can be sprayed to all forms of surfaces.

Waterproof membranes from Cocoon Coatings can be sprayed over roofs and whole buildings to seal them against weather. The flexible web structure makes the membrane to move them over the vibrations and building creating chronic leakages. Waterproof membranes are ideal for exterior and interior applications. It is resistant to abrasives and can be cleaned and repaired easily. It also helps in sealing in sealing awkward profiles. The waterproof membranes come in various colours and are resistant to chemicals.

The clients benefited from waterproof membranes offered by Cocoon Coatings are Ford Motor Company, Melbourne City Council, Mercedes Benz Motor Company, Commonwealth Golf Club, Mirvac Building Management, Centro Shopping Centres and Gandel Shopping Centres.