Cocoon Coatings  offers solar reflective coatings for roofs and walls. Cocoon Coatings help in improving the safety of workplace, sustainability of natural resources, reduction of green house gas emissions and energy efficiency. Solar reflective coatings from Cocoon Coatings are considered as cocoon staycool system.

Solar reflective coatings from Cocoon Coatings are applied to external surface in form of fluids. When applied, it provides durable and protective finishes. This finish blocks the ultra violet and infrared radiations from entering the structures. Solar reflective systems are ideal for building owners and it help in reducing the entry of solar heat. Solar reflective coatings help in reducing the cost of air conditions and improve the internal comfort levels. It formation of rust and corrosion is also inhibited by use of solar reflective coatings. Solar reflective coatings from Cocoon Coatings are ideal for retail, marine, domestic, commercial, architectural, government and industrial sectors.

The clients benefited from solar reflective coating services offered by Cocoon Coatings are Ford Motor Company, Melbourne City Council, Mirvac Building Management, Mercedes Benz Motor Company, Gandel Shopping Centres, Commonwealth Golf Club and Centro Shopping Centres.