Cocoon Coatings  specialises in offering environmental coating solutions through effective applications and technologies. These applications from Cocoon Coatings help in improving the safety of workplace, sustainability of natural resources, reduction of green house gas emissions and energy efficiency. Cocoon Coatings improves the comfort levels, extends structural life of roof surfaces.

Cocoon Coatings offers three types of services. The service from Cocoon Coatings includes asbestos encapsulation, water proofing membrane and solar heat reduction.
Asbestos encapsulation service from Cocoon Coatings is effective and safe. For encapsulating asbestos, cocoon staycool flexiguard is applied by Cocoon Coatings. It seals and stabilises the asbestos fibres and reduces the air borne contaminations.

This protective coating restores the sheeting and extends the life of the asbestos. Cocoon super prime is a water-based treatment offered by Cocoon Coatings. This prevents the entry of lichens. Asbestos sheets have its defects and benefits. Asbestos is carcinogenic and causes mesothelioma when the fibres of asbestos sheets are inhaled.

The clients benefited from these services offered by Cocoon Coatings are Mirvac Building Management, Ford Motor Company, Melbourne City Council, Mercedes Benz Motor Company, Centro Shopping Centres, Gandel Shopping Centres and Commonwealth Golf Club.