The 3 Sided Rollerboard Menu System from Coates Signco has been developed especially with fast food restaurants in mind.
The 3 parts can be used for the 3 different parts of the day such as breakfast, lunch and dinner. This enables time saving for having to
swap menus over for each time of day.


  • Easy operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Rapid fluorescent tube access
  • Fast changing with hinged magnetic trim
  • Safe and effective translite retention
  • Curved face design
  • No loose parts over food preparation areas

The Rollerboard Menu System is wired electrically for 220v-240v, 50Hz as standard.110 v wiring and other options are available.


  • Single – 572mm length for one translite
  • Double – 1160mm length for one double or two single translites
  • Triple – 1725mm length for one single and one double or three single transites
The 3 Sided Rollerboard can be either wall or ceiling mounted and eliminates dark spot providing optimum colour rating and illumination for translites

Translite sizes and further information on the 3 Sided Indoor Rollerboard Menu System can be found at Coates Signco