Coates Hire  offers different kinds of hiring equipment for a wide range of applications. Coates Hire offers wood working and sanding equipment, welding equipment, propping equipment, plumbing equipment, shoring equipment and lighting equipment.

Wood working and sanding equipment from Coates Hire include circular saws, jigsaws, planners, floor edger and trimmers. Coates Hire offers welding equipment including plasma cutters, stud welders, wire feeders, engine driven welders and oxyacetylene kits.

Pumps and dewatering equipment from Coates Hire includes flood pumps, sludge/sewage submersibles, general sump pumping, portable trash pumps and sewer bypass pumps. Propping equipment from Coates Hire include titan super props, mini tri props and trishore props.

Coates Hire also supplies plumbing equipment including pipe dies, sealing bags, pressure test pumps, pipe freezers, trenching machines and smoke boxes. Offshore equipment offered by Coates Hire includes rigsafe HP booser compressor, steam generators, hose reelers and manifolds.

Coates Hire also offers lift and shift equipment like heavy duty floor cranes, digital load indicators, swift life clutches, alloy bow shacklers, geared grinder and ratchet lever blocks. Painting and decorative equipment from Coates Hire include line markers, airless spray sets, wall paper steamers and dust sheets.

Coates Hire also offers shoring equipment including sheet vibrators, sand bag filters, trench sheet accessories, power bracers and shaft braces. The lighting equipment offered by Coates Hire are lunar lights, hydraulic lighting towers, telescropic hydraulic lighting towers and lighting stands. Coates Hire also offers loaders and trucks like bachhoe loaders, mini skid trailers, tipper trucks, forklifts and walkie stacker trucks.