Coates Hire Wagons were devised last year to provide an alternative to traditional portable buildings, and since then their popularity has been increasing substantially across the country.

Due to high demand, Coates Hire Wagons are now available in a number of locations, the latest being South Australia.

Valued client, Bardavcol Pty Ltd was the first South Australian company to receive one of the wagons, a 5.7m variant. Bardavcol Pty Ltd carry out a number of operations with the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) and they were responsible for undertaking the shoulder shoulder widening project on the Stuart Highway in South Australia.

 Coates Hhire Wagons are completely self-contained, so they are ideal for remote locations such as the Stuart Highway. Features include:

  • An 8 person capacity crib room
  • A single toilet
  • Crib and toilet have their own fresh water tanks
  • A 9kva generator
Coates Hire Wagons are lightweight and easy to set up and transport, making them perfect for projects that require employees to be constantly on the move.  

While the Coates Hire Wagons are available in four different designs, not all states have access to them. However, each of these will be gradually rolled out to different a vast array of different locations across the country.  

The hire wagons are suitable for a range of applications on various types of projects including infrastructure, civil, mining and events.