Coates Hire was recently called upon by J P Thew Constructions Pty Ltd for a residential renovation job located 30m below road level in Mosman. 

The house required new materials to be lowered down to the site from road level, as well as rubble from the demolition of existing works to be brought up to street level from the bottom of the site. The only access to the street was via a precarious ladder of steep and narrow stairs.

Michael Broome, National Product Manager of Coates Hire Lift & Shift says; “The site was situated on the side of a steep hill and had three tiered levels with the house build above a pool on stilts making the navigation of materials very tricky.

Coates Hire conducted a preliminary onsite inspection with the customer to identify precisely what the obstructions were and what the customer required. With this in mind, the Coates Hire Lift & Shift team at Ingleburn identified the material handling ladder hoists would be most appropriate for the job at hand.  

“The site had installation issues due to the height and slope. This meant all the work had to be done wearing safety harnesses and following stringent safety procedures,” says Mark Somers, Coates Hire Ingleburn Branch Manager.

“Because of the location the job was quite unique. The customer had looked at cranes, barges and required a cost effective solution,” adds Mr Somers.

Coates Hire installation technicians, Mate Kujundzija and John Gahan, worked past the difficulties of the site to deliver a seamless setup with the material handling ladder hoists.