Coates Hire has introduced new knuckle booms to their existing fleet of Nifty access equipment.  

The new access equipment available for hire from Coates Hire includes the Nifty HeightRider 21 Hybrid AWD knuckle boom, the 210 Self Drive 4x4x4 all terrain and the versatile Track Drive 120T knuckle boom. The new range is presently available in NSW with other states to follow suit in the near future.  

The fleet additions ensure Coates Hire continues to offer the latest access equipment with advanced features to their customers.  

The HeightRider 21 Hybrid and Self Drive 21 4x4x4 are advanced machines built using the latest design technology that allows them to be lightweight while still retaining a robust build quality. The machines have an exceptional outreach of 12.60m and a working weight in the basket of 225kg.    

The new Nifty HR 21 Hybrid All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) is a new generation of environmentally conscious work platforms that combine advanced power-source technology with versatile AWD. When operating in electric-only mode, the access equipment becomes a 'zero emission' machine that can work inside or out, cleanly and quietly in any environment.  

Key features of the Nifty HR 21 Hybrid All-Wheel-Drive access equipment: 

  • Allows the electric motor to automatically assist the diesel engine when required especially on steep slopes, boosting the overall power available 
  • Hybrid technology allows the machine to use a much smaller diesel engine, reducing fuel consumption by up to 50% 
  • Catalytic converter exhaust purification system reduces CO/NOx particulates and further reduces noise and emissions 
  • Electric motor channels excess power from the diesel engine back to the batteries, for when it is most needed 
  • Noise levels up to 25% lower than equivalent conventional equipment, increasing suitability for sensitive locations  
Nifty will be integrating its SiOPS (Sustained Involuntary Operation Prevention System) to the 21 series of access equipment. SiOPS is an award-winning safety system from Nifty developed to stop a possible crushing incident of the operator. 

SiOPS reacts instantly when it senses the operator being forced onto the controls, interrupting all machine movement. Nifty ToughCage technology will also be fitted to the 21 series ordered by Coates Hire.