Coates Hire has established a new branch in Onslow in a bid to service the rapid increase in project activity in the area. In particular, Mining, Oil & Gas projects are on the rise.

Coates Hire understands that over the next few years as these projects grow in size and intensity customers will need more machinery more regularly. Coates Hire will continue to invest in new equipment across all of their major product groups in 2012. They will focus on core areas including:

  • Promotion of a culture that values safe equipment that performs to a high standard
  • Ensuring equipment is delivered to customers on time, and working with customers to ensure they return their equipment when agreed so it is readily available for others
  • Competitive product offering, with a strong service culture incorporating the Coates Hire silver service program
  • Working with the Indigenous community
  • Developing and maintaining strong relationships with customers and suppliers