BarrierGuard 800 steel barriers available from Coates Hire are a range of temporary steel barrier systems that can be rapidly deployed in road works, for special events or any application requiring a vehicle restraint system conforming to TL4 and approved to this level by all Australian state road authorities.

Particularly useful as temporary barriers at road works, the BG800 steel barriers offer versatility in applications such as road construction and maintenance, long term construction sites or even one day events.

BarrierGuard 800 steel barriers work by either absorbing the impact of a crash or containing the vehicle, offering the driver a vastly-increased chance of recovering control of the wheel.

The steel barriers comprise of single elements of prefabricated 6.0m long sections with two elements bolted together at the factory providing 12.0m long or 6.0m long sections. Male and female Quicklink connectors are provided to facilitate speedy erection on site, which involves simply lining up the barriers and locking the Quicklink connectors together.  

BarrierGuard 800 steel barriers can be connected to any length as the barrier attains its performance characteristics through a combination of torsion rigidity and self-weight. The barriers can be deployed as single sided or double sided barriers.  

Performance highlights of BarrierGuard 800 steel barriers:  

  • Crash test involving a car driven into the barrier at 110km/h at a 20º angle of impact resulted in a smooth re-direction with minimal damage to the car or the barrier
  • Flexible steel design allows a 7500kg truck impacting at 45º at 50km/h or a 13000kg bus impacting at 20º at 70km/h to be contained
  • Easy transportation enabled with a mass of only 90kg/m, compared with concrete barriers at around 700kg/m
  • Quicker installation reduces risk to both road workers and motorists while minimising traffic congestion
  • BG800's 110km/h safety rating negates any need for ‘slow zones’
  • Smooth surface improves safety for motorcyclists with no gaps, protruding bolts or wire rope
  • More environmentally sensitive than plastic barriers that need filling with water
  • Suitable for placement on structures that may not be able to take the weight of concrete barriers
  • Available with approved crash cushion end terminals
  • Approved by all Australian state governments