Coates Hire  presents the ArmorZone, a high performing plastic water filled barrier designed to provide work zone barrier protection to temporary construction sites and other miscellaneous roadside activities.

Made from HDPE, the water filled temporary barriers are easy to transport and deploy. Easily handled by two operators, the water-filled design of the barrier also increases safety during the installation process as the empty barriers only weigh 50kg. The ArmorZone barrier delivers multiple advantages including high durability, high performance, and fast and safe installation at a very competitive cost.

The ArmorZone barrier has been designed and tested as a longitudinal barrier with an energy absorbing terminal end. Upon vehicle impact ArmorZone safely redirects at angles up to 25° and speeds up to 70 kph. Safe and predictable trajectories were observed during the tests.

ArmorZone water filled barriers are deployed by interlocking the 2m long units with a unique ‘twin pin’ connecting rod and filling each barrier with 520L of water.

Key features of ArmorZone water filled barriers:

  • Can be deployed straight or with low curvature on roadside or median applications
  • Up to 70kph work zone barrier protection
  • Exceptionally good vehicle control and low deflection
  • Connects directly to ArmorZone terminal end
  • Water level indicator included with all barriers
  • Smooth surfaces and geometry, more forgiving on vulnerable road users
  • No external or internal steel structure
  • Freight-friendly dimensions allow for efficient transporting (5 units wide on truck deck)
  • Water-Opening-Screen accessory prevents rubbish disposal in barriers
  • Stabilised HDPE modules strong enough to absorb nuisance impact without repair
  • 120 m/h deployment rate
  • Environment-friendly – 100% recyclable