Clivus Multrum Australia  offers a waterless composting toilet system, which can be used in households, camping grounds, aboriginal communities, culture centres, alpine regions, environmental education centres, scout associations, local sporting groups, resorts and tourist lodges and national parks.

Clivus Multrum Australia offers the Clivus Multrum, which is a toilet treatment system. The Clivus Multrum is a waterless, odourless and self contained system, which does not use chemicals or heat and does not produce any polluting discharge. The Clivus Multrum from Clivus Multrum Australia is also low on maintenance costs and is suitable for all sites and all kinds of climate.

Use of the Clivus Multrum from Clivus Multrum Australia will enable households save more than 60,000 litres of water per year. The Clivus Multrum’s operation is based on simple organic decomposition, which is one of the oldest processes in nature.

Clivus Multrum toilet systems from Clivus Multrum Australia have been available in Australia for more than twenty five years now. Clivus Multrum Australia provides toilet systems which are simple to install and environment friendly.

Clivus Multrum toilet systems are available worldwide, in Australia, Canada, Croatia, Korea and the USA.