The Clipsal Saturn Zen switch from Schneider Electric takes design inspiration from the pure and modern lines of contemporary architecture. A creation of Schneider Electric’s Design Lab, the Saturn Zen switch was recognised with the prestigious Good Design Award for design and innovation in 2015.

Commenting on the development of the Clipsal Saturn Zen, Xavier Lifran, Design Lab Pacific Director at Schneider Electric said that the Design Lab team sought to create a switch that worked in harmony with contemporary architecture.

Considerable thinking went into the development of the Saturn Zen, particularly the details, as they found ways to simplify the switch. The Clipsal Saturn Zen switch combines a geometric design with a little asymmetry in the way the buttons have been positioned to balance the whole plate.

Available in a subtle white or black matte finish, the switch is designed perfectly flush to the surface of the plate, with an elegant pinhole that lets the light shine through and helps locate the switch.

Keeping the end user in mind, the switch’s design addresses potential concerns of managing up to six switches on a plate. The Design Lab designed 50 simple and elegant icons to identify switch function, with all light blocked except within the icon for the user to find the right switch in the dark.

The Design Lab also designed the Saturn Zen Smart Shelf that keeps the customer’s smart devices neat and tidy as they charge. The Smart Shelf can be installed just above the bedside table, eliminating the need to bend down to plug and unplug the device.