Sustainable building products specialist Clinka offers lightweight expanded clay products for use in construction or as insulating fill under floor slabs.

10 reasons why clinka products are good for the environment:

1. clinka is natural

clinka products are based on extremely lightweight, fired clay aggregate ceramic balls. While clinkaBLOK is made by binding the balls together with a mixture of cement, sand and water, clinkaFILL is loose bulk expanded clay aggregate coated with a very mild brown soap and used as insulating fill under floor slabs or as backfill behind retaining walls.

2. clinka is healthy

clinkaFILL and clinkaBLOK do not emit harmful fumes and are safe for allergy sufferers. clinka houses are completely weatherproof yet breathable.

3. clinka is lightweight

clinka’s strength and thermal insulation properties come from thousands of tiny air-filled cavities that also contribute to its light weight characteristics. Lower weight also means reduced energy consumption and less CO2 emissions in transport.

4. clinka is an excellent insulation product

ISO clinkaBLOK is made of polyurethane insulation sandwiched between two clinka panels, making it one of the best insulated building materials for external walls.

5. clinka is moisture resistant

Being highly moisture-resistant, clinka products eliminate the risk of fungus, rot or insect attack.

6. clinka manages heat

clinka products are excellent insulators, providing superior passive thermal performance in summer and winter. For instance, in cool weather, external clinkaBLOK walls absorb heat during the day and warm the building at night, reducing the need for heating at night and optimising energy use.

7. clinka can be reused and recycled

clinkaFILL and clinkaBLOK will continue to deliver benefits for the long term as they can be very easily reused as insulating under-slab fill, or new block walls.

8. clinka is maintenance-friendly

clinka will not rot or degrade in any way. clinka surfaces can be rendered to ensure the product outlasts most other materials, minimising maintenance and reducing the need for ongoing surface treatments.

9. clinka will not burn

clinka products are extremely fire-resistant, with similar products proven to stop building fires from spreading. clinkaFILL and clinkaBLOK are also ideally suited to Australian conditions.

10. clinka has strong environmental credentials

clinka products are low in lifecycle CO2, deliver excellent thermal performance, help reduce energy use and can be re-used, minimising their impact on the environment. All products are manufactured under the internationally accepted Environmental Management System ISO 14001.