Clearwater Filter Systems (Aust)  is also known for providing a range of filtration systems and purification systems. Clearwater QVS2000 Undersink filtration system, Clearwater Twin Undersink filtration system, Clearwater countertop, Clearwater reverse osmosis purification system and Billi duet domestic are some of the systems available from Clearwater Filter Systems (Aust).
The Clearwater QVS2000 is a dual filtration system ideal for use in apartments and residential homes. This filtration system is connected to the water supply; the water is then filtered through pre and carbon filtration. This ensures that the water is clean, safe and free from harmful contaminants. These systems are compact and the cartridges can be replaced without much difficulty.
The Clearwater Twin undersink filtration system makes use of two filter cartridges which are usually fitted below the kitchen sink. This system is connected to the cold water supply which provides clean and filtered water. These filtration systems are an alternative to ice maker fridges.
The reverse osmosis purification system from Clearwater Filter Systems (Aust) filters the water through a reverse osmosis membrane and eliminates dissolved solids such as, fluoride, chromium, lead and nitrates to name a few. Impurities and pollutants are also flushed down the drain thus resulting in pure and oxygen rich water.