Peachey Constructions has established a new work shop for maintenance and repair of their earthmoving equipment. The wash bay itself consists of a self bunded concrete floor which slopes slightly to the centre.

“I needed a suitable system to recycle the water and contacted Clearmake , who visited my site and recommended their WRS 3000 recycling system. The system was installed in July 2005 and has worked well since,” Rodney Peachey, of Peachey Constructions says

The Specifications were for a three stage automatic clarification process for the treatment and removal of free floating hydrocarbons, suspended solids, dissolved solids, heavy metals, emulsions, BOD and COD. The system parameters are:

- Recycled water storage capacity: 5,000 litres

- Flow rate of system: 3,000 litres per hour

- Disinfection: Chlorination fully automated with PLC control system

The Clearmake water recycling system provides water for reuse in the wash down of heavy earthmoving equipment. The system runs automatically with minimal maintenance requirements. Peachey Constructions do not discharge to sewer and save a substantial amount of money and use the excess water to irrigate their landscape. Rodney Peachey comments further: “I would have no hesitation in recommending the Clearmake system to other users. It is a neat and functional assembly.”