Mackay Marina Village and Shipyard is home to 328 berths for multi-hull, 50 metre plus, 35 metre mono-hull, 25 metre multi-hull and commercial boats. The facility caters for single, double or triple hulled vessels and deep keels and includes a 65 tonne, 9.2 metre travel lift.

The hardstand area is configured for a variety of protected painting, cleaning and maintenance environments including wet and dry abrasive blasting, so proper waste water management is essential.

Mackay Marina Village's waste water system was developed and installed by Clearmake and is able to treat 3,000 L/h for oil and grease, total suspended solids, total dissolved solids and biological oxygen demand. The system treats the wash down from cleaning activities, abrasive blasting, painting or fibre glassing as well as well as the first 5mm of any rainfall from the whole hardstand area (e.g. hydrocarbons, spills etc.).

Water is first adjusted for pH before flocculants are added and solids are removed in settling tanks. Finally, the water is filtered through zeolite and sand filters before chlorination. The treated water is recycled for boat washing, saving money on water consumption, while the remaining solids are collected by a licensed trade waste contractor ensuring that no harmful pollutants enter the environment.

Jeff Smith, executive manager of The Mackay Marina Village says, "We see the clean marine environment essential to our livelihood. Our automated filtration and recycling system gives us confidence that we are managing our waterways properly. A recent audit by the Environmental Protection Agency rated our facility as above compliance, and we ensure that water quality remains high through regular testing."