If your business uses more than 10ML of water per year, level 6 restrictions impact you.  Act now and avoid potential fines of up to nearly $25,000.  

On November 1, 2006, The Queensland Water Commission (QWC) introduced water restrictions on businesses across 12 SE Queensland councils.  Although businesses have been given plenty of time to prepare their own water savings plans, some are still to comply and time is running out.   

On November 23, 2007, The QWC introduced Level 6 restrictions targeting business that consume more than 10ML of water per year.  Compliance measures are now in place to make users accountable and council officers will have the power to enter premises, undertake audits and issue fines for non compliance.  

How does this affect you?   

  • High water use businesses are required to have developed a Water Efficiency Management Plan (WEMP) to comply with QWC business water restrictions. 
  • Businesses must comply with their WEMP to achieve 25% water savings or best practice water use by Nov 2008. 
  • Face fines of up to $124,875 for failing to comply with the WEMP process. 
  • Vehicle washers must only use water in accordance with guidelines. 
  • Commercial pool and spa operators must keep a weekly log and install a rainwater tank, a sub-meter and a clear view screen in the backwash outlet line where required, together with a range of water efficient fittings. 
  • Inspections by Council officers can result in on the spot fines ranging from $750-$3750.  
Some good news  

To assist businesses across Queensland, the Queensland Government has allocated $55 million toward the Business Water Efficiency Program (BWEP).  BWEP is an incentive program and although related to, is distinct from the QWC business water restrictions.  QWC imposed restrictions are mandatory.  BWEP offers funding to certain businesses to support the implementation of water saving projects to meet QWC restrictions.   

How can Clearmake help you?   

Clearmake can design and manufacture a water saving solution for your business to help you meet and even exceed your 25% water saving target.  Plus you may be eligible to receive BWEP subsidy funding for up to 50% of external capital costs of design, procurement, installation and commissioning of your water efficiency project.  

Clearmake is a leader in the design and manufacture of solutions for the treatment and recycling of industrial process water, with equipment in use in over 3,000 applications throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia.  

Products carry approvals from all relevant Australian governing bodies, comply with Council and EPA regulations, and meet Australian Standards for manufacturing.