Clearmake  has launched a new filter press range, an ideal solution for dewatering waste (or sludge) collected during an industrial water treatment or recycling process.

Treating and recycling water for industrial re-use can be a cost effective and environmentally sustainable practice for your business.

However, removing the sludge by-product is becoming increasingly expensive. And when you consider that up to 80% of the sludge you are removing is water, it is apparent the inclusion of a filter press will significantly reduce your waste removal costs. Plus with minimal treatment, the water removed may be suitable for re-use.

A Clearmake filter press is a versatile and effective dewatering device, suitable for most industrial and municipal applications. A solid, well engineered construction provides fast filtration, high dehydration and easy operation.

The filter press frame is most commonly manufactured in mild steel, coated with two pack paint to prevent corrosion. This is suitable for most applications. However, you may opt for stainless steel where your filter press is susceptible to high levels of corrosion from high acid and alkali suspensions.

The filter plates are manufactured from light weight polypropylene, are acid and alkaline resistant and incredibly durable. This allows the system to produce consistent results under varying influent conditions.

Your Clearmake filter press can be customised to suit your specific site requirements:

  • Available in a range of materials suitable for dewatering aggressive acid and alkali suspensions
  • Can be configured to provide a dewatering solution to most process flows from 250L/d to 250,000L/d
  • Select from a simple manually operated press, a semi automated process or fully automated press requiring minimal operator involvement
  • Select from a variety of additional features such as auto plate shifting devices, auto plate washing systems, and auto cake releasing mechanisms

Client applications: All industries needing solutions for solid/liquid separation including petroleum chemistry, metallurgy, coal washing, dyeing, pharmacy, light industry and environmental protection.