Classic Columns Australia  manufactures and supplies a wide range of architectural columns, in addition to undertaking custom manufacture of columns to specifications.

The columns from Classic Columns Australia come in various categories such as, parallel range, tapered range, dual range, square range and custom range, with diameters ranging from 300mm to 900mm. Within each range, Classic Columns Australia makes available several models.  

The custom range of architectural columns from Classic Columns Australia is an exclusive range with special design. For example, light fittings can be fixed atop the columns, to shine down harmoniously on specific areas. Or glass, decorative iron bars or stone could be embedded on the surface. Classic Columns Australia offers to provide the services of a designing team, to help clients create the most decorative columns.

The Architectural columns from Classic Columns Australia come with standard bases and capitals. The bases range in diameter from 320mm to 1130mm and need to be matched appropriately with suitable capitals. The capitals are also available in some classic designs, such as Corinthian, Ionic and Tower of Winds. When combined with an appropriate capital and base, the architectural columns from Classic Columns Australia, are suitable for almost all kinds of buildings.