What is commercial entrance matting?

Commercial door mats are an essential requirement in any public building and primarily serve to keep building interiors clean by trapping moisture and debris at the entryway. Commercial entrance mats also enable access and safety for the building’s users.

Commercial entrance mats are quite unlike your everyday residential door mats. Commercial mats are architecturally designed to deliver a sleek, modern aesthetic and hardwearing durability. Customised to suit the environment, commercial matting mostly sits flush with the floor surface and remains fixed in place to ensure a free flow of foot and wheeled traffic without any trip hazards.

Types of commercial door mats

Broadly speaking, commercial entrance matting can be categorised into two types by application and specification.

Based on application:

Recessed entrance matting

Recessed door mats are installed within a matting well, sitting flush with the flooring surface. Recessed mats are popular in commercial buildings for their durability, high-end appeal and safety.

Surface mounted entrance matting

Surface mounted matting is edged and backed for quick and easy installation on the existing floor surface. Providing excellent grit and moisture removal, the tapered edges eliminate potential trip hazards while the backing lends appropriate grip to the mat, preventing it from moving on hard floors.

Based on format/specification:

Customised entrance matting

Commercial entrance mats can be customised to be aligned with the interior decor theme or the company’s branding and can be supplied in the required size or shape. Bespoke entrance matting has the versatility to suit both new and existing interiors.

Roll out entrance matting

Roll out entrance mats can be easily rolled up for convenient cleaning of dirt and debris, making it the perfect solution for businesses looking for quick, simple installations and maintenance.

Modular tile entrance matting

Tile mats combine a soft aesthetic with a plush underfoot feel, and offer a cost-effective solution that can be specified to your exact requirements. The modularity of this commercial matting system allows individual tiles to be replaced at any time in the event of damage, without the need to replace the entire mat.

Benefits of commercial door mats

Commercial entrance mats are a necessary addition to any office, restaurant, entertainment or business facility where high levels of foot traffic can be expected. Entrance mats not only keep your building’s interiors clean but also add visual appeal, which is why every business should consider commercial entrance mats as a smart and crucial investment.

Commercial entrance mats enhance your business’s public image, create an aesthetically pleasing entranceway, trap dirt and moisture at the door, maintain a clean and hygienic appearance throughout your building’s interior, reduce maintenance costs, and minimise the risk of slips, trips and falls.

Safe Work Australia requires businesses to eliminate the risk of slips, trips and falls ‘so far as is reasonably practicable’. Entrance matting plays a huge role in ensuring public safety by minimising risk, and saving you from potentially expensive pay-outs.

Selecting the best commercial door matting for your building

Ahead of picking a commercial entrance matting system for your project, you will need to:

  • Estimate the expected level of foot or wheeled traffic at any given time
  • Research the size and depth of matting required to ensure effective cleaning
  • Review the type of matting required – scrape, wipe or staged
  • Identify the most common walking routes within your building
  • Consider the different entrance zones – outside, inside and other circulation areas
  • Outline the aesthetic requirements to complement your building’s entranceway
  • Assess the desired longevity
  • Define your budget

Once these factors have been considered, you can then design the best entrance mat system for your entranceway.

Meet the specialist

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