Trees are a welcome addition to any urban environment and help to break up the ‘hard’ environment with their foliage as well a provide shade in warmer climates.

Trees in cities, towns and villages will endeavor to survive by exploring every source of water, nutrients and soil that is available to them. In the process, trees are often responsible for the break up of pavements, gutters and roadways, especially where the tree roots have penetrated into the pavement layers.

This is the tree’s very own storm water harvesting in progress, intercepting road run off close to the trunk, however, and when not managed will become a perpetual problem, with further growth and root heave being caused by this reliable water source.

Otherwise healthy trees are often then removed to repair the damage caused to infrastructure and replaced with non damaging shrubs or similar.

With the right design and planning trees can be successfully integrated with urban landscapes by using root management and soil structure systems.

Citygreen offers a range of root management and soil structure products to ensure that large healthy trees can be a functioning part of an incorporated and sustainable storm water harvesting system.