Cinajus  introduces their very popular Midland Blue limestone product in a rockface finish.

Available in a modular format with a thickness of 30-50mm, the new range of limestone products with rockface finish comes in sizes of 600x200, 600x100, 300x200 and 300x100mm.

Ideally suited for external paving and internal flooring, Midland Blue Limestone Rockface can be installed with or without grout and the pieces can be laid in a set or random pattern.
Cinajus Midland Blue limestone is available in a choice of finishes to create unique architectural patterns and designs.
The same stone is available in exfoliated or acid washed pavers, which are non-slip as well as salt and chlorine safe, making them ideal for pool surrounds.
Cinajus’ stoneblocks offer an advantage over manmade and concrete blocks with an exfoliated finish on one side and rockface finish on the other side for great visual appeal from any angle. The blocks can be used to build a standalone wall or a retaining wall.