Balmoral basalt originates from volcanic rocks and is typically available in shades from grey to black.

Balmoral basalt products have been used by architects and stonemasons for hundreds of years for its strength and durability, and versatile application to indoor and outdoor settings. Basalt pavers, tiles and cladding can be used for indoor and outdoor walls, paving, floors, and pool coping and surrounds.

Basalt products are available from Cinajus in several finishes, thicknesses and formats to suit most inside and outside applications.

Basalt products from Cinajus are available in Bush Hammered, Bush Hammered and Brushed, Bush Hammered and Water Jet, Chiselled, Exfoliated and Brushed, Exfoliated and Water Jet, Honed, Polished, Saw Chiselled finishes.