CIC Suppliers  provide different types of rakes including bow holder rakes, soil rakes, lawn rakes, adjustable rakes, garden tine rakes and longspan rakes. These rakes are manufactured by Wolf-Garten. Bow holder rakes (DO-M35) feature a curved tooth that can be pulled through easily and smoothly. These are suitable for soil and gravel and the flat top is ideal for levelling seedbeds.

The bow holder rake (DO-M40) model, supplied by CIC Suppliers, is available in 40 centimetre widths, with curved teeth. The soil rake (DR-M25) is a universal garden rake, made from quality steel head. With its curved teeth, it is easy for soil penetration. The soil rake (DR-M30) model measures 30 centimetres and is suitable for garden applications.

The soil rake (DR-M35) from CIC Suppliers is also considered as a universal garden rake made from quality steel head and curved teeth for easy soil penetration. The rake (DS-M19) model is similar to the DR-M model. With its curved prongs, it provides smooth action. The spring tine rake (UA-M) comes 50 centimetres and curved fan shaped, suitable for cleaning and collecting grass from large areas.

CIC Suppliers also provide garden tine rakes (UF-M) for application of firm surfaces like drives, patios and many more. The adjustable rake model from CIC Suppliers is available in widths ranging from 36 to 58 centimetres, suitable for individual needs. It is easy for raking with instantly adjustable tines.