CIBOstone is an exciting new stone surface that is exclusive to Cibo Bathroomware . CIBOstone surface is comprised primarily of silica, a mineral most often used in the manufacture of glass. This offers a smooth, high gloss finish that is beautiful as well as practical.

Darrin Ingleton, Director of Cibo explains that the beauty of CIBOstone is its ability to be shaped into luxurious, easily-maintained curves, making it particularly suitable for bathroom vanity tops. Cibostone surfaces are available as standard in 750, 900, 1200 and 1500mm (double) wide versions and can be used to produce streamlined 15mm edges and basins up to 1500mm wide.

“CIBOstone has a glass-like look but is a clean, true white all the way through - unlike glass which takes on a blue/green hue. The silica content means CIBOstone has similar properties to glass in that it is easy to clean, very dense and smooth to the touch. It’s non-porous so it doesn’t stain and is scratch, chemical and heat resistant, making it an exciting, durable new option for bathrooms and an attractive alternative to ceramic or stone,” said Darrin Ingleton.

Four standard CIBOstone vanity top moulds are offered by Cibo Bathroomware. These stone surfaces can be fitted to a variety of Cibo vanities and can also be used by designers and architects to craft custom products for larger commercial projects.