Combining elegance and efficient functionality, Cibo’s DB9 is the ultimate in home theatre furniture design, working in perfect synergy with the latest audio visual technology, according to the company.

Black new age veneer is finished in high gloss lacquer, creating a ‘piano-like’ effect. An extra dimension is achieved from the chrome trim and vent details, which are hand applied. The drawers feature Blum soft motion opening and closing mechanisms and inter-changeable CD, DVD and video storage.

There are also anodised aluminium internal vents to allow convection cooling of equipment. The rear of the unit has a 50mm cavity to allow cables to be effectively managed and travel freely. The unit is 2700mm long and 450mm high or it can be customised to meet specific equipment and/or space requirements. A flat light can also be embedded into the base of the unit for added drama.

Cibo’s DB9 complements home theatre furniture – combining masterful craftsmanship with a distinctly minimalist design aesthetic.