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    Product varieties such as Polyurethane or Sealant Coating (700 series) from Corrosion Engineering Australia

    Chemco Australia

    The GlassFlake Filled Polyester (200 series) from Corrosion Engineering Australia consists of products such as G-Chem-glass RA 200, G-Chem-glass RE 200, G-Chem-glass RA 200C and G-Chem-glass RA 200P. The GlassFlake Filled Vinylester (300 series) variety from Corrosion Engineering Australia comprises of G-Chem-tect RA 300, G-Chem-tect RD 300, G-Chem-tect RC 300, G-Chem-tect RB 300C, G-Chem-tect RB 300 and G-Chem-tect RB 300P.

    The GlassFlake Filled Epoxy Linings (500 series) of Corrosion Engineering Australia includes products such as G-Ceram-chem RH 500, G-Ceram-chem RU 500, G-Ceram-chem RP 500,G-Diver-filler RA 500UW-F, G-Diver-cote RA 500UW, G-Diver-stix RA 500UW-S, G-Easi-gloss RX 500GX, G-Easi-cote RX 500MT, G-Epo-chem RA 500, G-Easi-guard RM 500LR, G-Epo-chem RA 500P, G-Epo-chem RA 500M, G-Easi-prime RX 500P and so on.

    The Polyurethane or Sealant Coating (700 series) products of Corrosion Engineering Australia encompasses items such as G-Easi-top RF 700, G-Chem-thane RD 700 and G-Chem-thane RE 700. The concrete lining (800 series) includes products like G-Chem-crete RI 800CRS, G-Chem-crete RJ 800CRS, G-Chem-crete RM 800CRS, G-Chem-crete RL 800CRS, G-Chem-deck RA 800, G-Chem-deck RB 800, G-Chem-crete RN 800CRS, G-Chem-deck RD 800, G-Chem-deck RB 800P and so on.

    The High Temp Over 200°C (900 series) includes products such as G-Hot-cote RE 900, G-Hot-cote RF 900, G-Hot-cote RA 900, G-Hot-cote RD 900 and G-Hot-cote RB 900. The product variety under Therma-cote Insulation Replacement (1000 series) consists of G-THerma-cote RB 1000 and G-Therma-cote RA 1000.

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