The GlassFlake Filled Polyester (200 series) from Corrosion Engineering Australia consists of products such as G-Chem-glass RA 200, G-Chem-glass RE 200, G-Chem-glass RA 200C and G-Chem-glass RA 200P. The GlassFlake Filled Vinylester (300 series) variety from Corrosion Engineering Australia comprises of G-Chem-tect RA 300, G-Chem-tect RD 300, G-Chem-tect RC 300, G-Chem-tect RB 300C, G-Chem-tect RB 300 and G-Chem-tect RB 300P.

The GlassFlake Filled Epoxy Linings (500 series) of Corrosion Engineering Australia includes products such as G-Ceram-chem RH 500, G-Ceram-chem RU 500, G-Ceram-chem RP 500,G-Diver-filler RA 500UW-F, G-Diver-cote RA 500UW, G-Diver-stix RA 500UW-S, G-Easi-gloss RX 500GX, G-Easi-cote RX 500MT, G-Epo-chem RA 500, G-Easi-guard RM 500LR, G-Epo-chem RA 500P, G-Epo-chem RA 500M, G-Easi-prime RX 500P and so on.

The Polyurethane or Sealant Coating (700 series) products of Corrosion Engineering Australia encompasses items such as G-Easi-top RF 700, G-Chem-thane RD 700 and G-Chem-thane RE 700. The concrete lining (800 series) includes products like G-Chem-crete RI 800CRS, G-Chem-crete RJ 800CRS, G-Chem-crete RM 800CRS, G-Chem-crete RL 800CRS, G-Chem-deck RA 800, G-Chem-deck RB 800, G-Chem-crete RN 800CRS, G-Chem-deck RD 800, G-Chem-deck RB 800P and so on.

The High Temp Over 200°C (900 series) includes products such as G-Hot-cote RE 900, G-Hot-cote RF 900, G-Hot-cote RA 900, G-Hot-cote RD 900 and G-Hot-cote RB 900. The product variety under Therma-cote Insulation Replacement (1000 series) consists of G-THerma-cote RB 1000 and G-Therma-cote RA 1000.