Based in Brisbane, Chelmstone is a manufacturer of cast stone and concrete products for the residential, commercial and corporate sectors in Australia. Some of Chelmstone’s major products include pavers, pool coping, pedestals, cornices, wall capping and the like.

Pavers from Chelmstone include Satinstone, Quarriedstone, Satinstone, Limestone, Ashlarstone, Antiquestone and Directional Tactile. These are available in a variety of standard sizes though Chelmstone is equipped to provide custom made sizes too. The 30mm pavers from Chelmstone are ideal for wall cladding purposes. Also offered by Chelmstone are interlocking and regular cobblestones.

Chelmstone provides homes and hotels with pool coping products such as bullnoses and step treads. Custom built or standard sizes of these pool coping products are available at Chelmstone.

Pond surrounds from Chelmstone are built of Antiquestone. They are available in a variety of radii and widths which can be chosen according to customer requirements. Chelmstone also provides internal, external and double bullnoses for these pond surrounds.

The most popular wall capping from Chelmstone is built in Antiquestone. Wall capping heights range from 400mm to 1000mm. Some of the Antiquestone models from Chelmstone are Jefferson, Park Avenue, Parapet, Dewar and Hamilton.