The Cygnus wireless alarm system has a diverse range of applications including keeping workers safe on construction sites. By simply pushing a button, an injured worker will receive a reassuring light or siren to confirm that help is on the way.

The Cygnus system has been saving lives on construction sites in Australia and around the world. In a recent incident in Sydney, an electrocuted worker on a construction site was saved by the competence of the first aid team on site as well as the fast response enabled by the Cygnus first aid nurse call function.

The Cygnus system creates a powerful wireless network on the site. In the event a worker is injured, the signal is received by the control panel and broadcast to staff mobile phones and/or site radios to alert the first aid team about the medical emergency.

The self-checking system simplifies the work of the site team. All devices on site are battery powered, with a proven battery life of 12-18 months.

The Cygnus programming app is free to install, allowing the site team to take control of the operation of the system including changing location names.

Common products used for nurse call systems

CYG5S4 Nurse Call Point

CYG5S4 Nurse Call Point with First Aid Alert Button: Built-in 100 dB(A) evacuation siren can only be activated from the main control panel.

CYG54 Nurse Call Point

CYG54 Nurse Call Point with First Aid Alert Button: Built-in 85-decibel siren.

CYG24F Call Point

CYG24F Call Point with First Aid Alert Button and Evacuation Button (two buttons): Built-in 110-decibel evacuation siren.