Checkpoint Products can assist companies with site security solutions to keep their worksites safe, secure and protected at all times.

Checkpoint’s site security solutions include site CCTV surveillance cameras and site security monitoring cameras.

Surveillance camera systems

Surveillance camera systems are traditionally used for security with most systems featuring built-in technology that allows users to remotely access recorded and live footage on their phone and computer; have live footage streamed into their office; and use the hard drive storage to download and store security incidents or safety breaches onsite.

Site security monitoring cameras

Site security monitoring cameras are designed purely for site security and mostly only activated after hours. These cameras are manned round-the-clock at offsite security monitoring stations. When the system is activated, the monitoring staff will receive a short video clip every time a camera detects motion. On assessment of the video, if the monitoring station perceives the threat as real, such as an intruder, they will alert the security guard or the police as per your preference.

Site security cameras with motion detection will ensure your site is protected when you are away. It also means the site staff need not be contacted every time there is a false alarm such as an animal triggering the camera, since the monitoring station can clearly determine if there is a real threat or intrusion.

Site security monitoring cameras

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