Over 50% of house fires start in the kitchen! This staggering statistic motivated the Checkpoint Products team to seek out a simple yet smart solution that could prevent kitchen fires.

Presenting the Innohome Stoveguard – a smart stove shut off device that provides peace of mind in areas such as:

  • Student Accommodation – university, college dorms, schools
  • Private Accommodation – such as Airbnb, hotels and motels
  • Aged Care Sector – independent living, retirement villages
  • SDA (Specialist Disability Accommodation) Housing 
  • Social/Affordable Housing 
  • BTR (Build-To-Rent) Housing
  • High Rise Apartment Buildings 

How does Stoveguard stove shut off device work?

  • Detects dangerous heat levels on the surface of the cooktop using a smart sensor with inbuilt learning algorithm
  • Sounds the local alarm
  • If the local alarm is not acknowledged, the power to the stovetop will be immediately switched off, preventing the fire from igniting.

The benefits of preventing a fire before it starts are endless. The damage caused by a fire starting and in turn triggering a sprinkler system or fire suppression system can be very costly; water or foam can cause further unnecessary damage to the property that could have been prevented through the use of smart devices such as the Stoveguard stove shut off device. A small investment in a Stoveguard can save lives, money and property with the benefits far outweighing the cost.

Read this interesting case study on the Stoveguard being used in luxury apartments in London, which eliminated the need for a fire suppression system.

Watch the Stoveguard in action.